Thursday, March 4, 2010

meet megan

Photograph by Matthew Tammaro.

Grandparents, poetry, Bob Dylan and country air are some of the influences that Megan Bonnell cites as we sit cross-legged under a four poster bed in an Annex century home talking about her music. It's not the first time that Megan and I have sat together talking, especially not under that four poster bed that happens to be my sister's. This is because we're best friends and roommates. I was going to write this post leaving my relationship with her out. Write a more professional piece about her. But then I realized it would be doing Megan and the reader an injustice. And that's because I know that along with Bob Dylan, her friendships with her sisters (not necessarily biological) influence her too. Megan is part of a solid group of five girl friends, who grew up together in the country, and I'm one of them. So embrace my biased perspective, because I'm lucky enough to know more about Megan than most. (And I also wanted to make sure everrrrryone knows that I know her because that will make me seem really cool).

As we sit here talking about what makes Megan want to make music she says, "music has to do with the soul, and if you can touch people's souls that's what makes it worth it." I think what's really magical about Megan's music is its ability to kindle feelings. Her songs will make you sing along, and feel along. She truly pours her heart into her music. Her lyrics are both personal and universal. And this expression of feelings is a major characteristic of poetry, which Megan also cites as influencing her writing. She says her grandfather used to recite poetry on a whim, and she would read poetry before bed. She says when she writes she's not thinking of something specific "but rather a feeling I have that just comes out while I'm playing the piano."

Megan has never had piano lessons. She taught herself by imitating songs her sister would play, which is how she learned to play the guitar as well. Later this spring, she is recording her EP and currently is writing the instrumentation to accompany her piano and vocals. And by writing I mean teaching herself instruments in order to write the accompaniment. This ad hoc approach to songwriting will ensure that for this EP the piano will remain as the "backbone that holds her songs together" while the instruments serve to "develop the sound more." Currently, her 'drum set' consists of an old suitcase and anything else she can bang in her room. Look forward to the sound of household objects, banjos, guitars and organs on her forthcoming EP, and of course the beautiful vocals.

Megan's super special, but if you don't believe me, see and hear for yourself. Check out all the goodies below.

MEGAN BONNELL - Apple Trees from Mitch Fillion on Vimeo.

Via Southern Souls.

MEGAN BONNELL - Moonshiner from Mitch Fillion on Vimeo.

MEGAN BONNELL - Anaheim from Mitch Fillion on Vimeo.

Filmed at The Musebox house party that our house hosted. It was a magical night of music, for more footage, including footage of Language Arts and Hellsongs, check out this video.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

and I just love these music videos

There are moments when music and cinematography come together outside of the movie domain. Behold, the music video. When music and art are paired together just for the sake of music and art, not for the sake of advancing or embellishing a plot. Here's a few that amaze me.

To really get a full appreciation of the second video, you should read the making of the video here. All you artists and designers and filmmakers, check this out.


I want to start an online collection of all the greatest music moments in movie history. So keep your eyes and ears ready for clips like these to pop up on my blog more often in the future. I want to kick-start this collection now with just a few fairly epic clips (in my humble opinion). And for those of you wondering what the hell my vague 'epic clips' description even means, I've created my own definition, " 'epic clips' " adjective: a scene from a movie that contains the perfect song for the moment, at the perfect time." So here's the small little bundle of clips that I came up with just now. But consider this more of a housewarming gift. There will be many more to come.